Monday, 3 March 2008


It's an inevitable fact of life that I've been trying to avoid. I love books, I adore the way the feel, the way they smell, and snuggling up in bed for a good read. You can't easily do any of these things with an eBook but, it seems, eBooks and digital publishing are the future. If I want my work to reach a wider audience, I will have to embrace that future with open arms. With this in mind, I've decided to go into PLR writing. That is, I'm going to write packages of articles on tightly focused topics - and I'm going to let others do with them what they will! I might even write an eBook!

I've set up a new blog to market my PLR articles (but I still need to write the damn things!) Meanwhile, if you want to join this communication revolution, I can thoroughly recommend
Write Ebooks and Make Money - it's wonderful for setting you off in the right direction. Why not click the link and see what you think?